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My Projects

Library Management


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A Library Management System with Admin and User Authentication system to manage users (students), books, author, and issue logs. It also has an automatic fair calculation for the late returned book.

Laravel Ecommerce


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Laravel Ecommerce is an app where user can browse products, add them to cart and purchase items. This app also includes a site management system for admin. Razorpay is the Payment Gateway.

Todo App


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Todo App is a modern, minimal Todo list app where you can add the task, mark them as completed and search task. Once you visited this site, you can use the site without the internet.



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Ediary is a diary-taking app where users can log in and write and later read the entry. This app uses Laravel, VueJS, and TailwindCSS. We would add some additional feature to it.

Movie Guru


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Movie Guru is minimal Movie detail PWA. You can read the details about movies, series, and episodes and their rating from all sources in one place. It is developed with Typescript and used OMDb API for live data.

Name game


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Name Game is a fun game that shows an exclusive avatar according to Your name. This app is developed with Javascript and uses joeschmoe for the avatar.

About me

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I'm Shakil Alam, a web developer specializing in Laravel PHP and VueJS. I have been developing websites for over 2 years now, both for businesses and personal projects. I have a passion for building web applications and I'm always looking for new ways to improve my skills.

I'm comfortable working with issue tracking systems such as Trello and additionally has experience working with 3rd party APIs such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Stripe, PayPal, RazorPay.

Oh, and I did my master in Computer Science in 2022 and graduated with BCA in 2020. I am actively looking for new work opportunities.

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